After school I would run out and play with the other kids in the neighborhood. We liked to walk around the neighborhood and play with cats and dogs. One of our favorite spots was in the neighbors backyard. They had a huge Pond full of gold fish.

One of the games we would play one was who can catch the most gold fish. We would hang out at the neighbors pond and tried to catch gold fish with our hands. The goldfish were bigger than the ones we would see at the pet stores where there were in aquariums. It was told to us that they would grow as much as you let them grow and they would adapt to their environment.

Some days we would go visit the pond and we would find less fish. On one day we seen the head of squirrel but nothing else and became aware of the monster. Some monster must have dwelled in this pond or near it that would come and gulp down on the fish and other animals in the area. We never discovered what it looked like since it never showed or came out the pond when we were there. It just came and we saw fewer and fewer fish and occasionally the head of squirrel or bird.


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